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Welcome to Francis' Z80 software download page. Select files to download according to your host system type. Please note that some packages may not be available for all host system types. The MS/DOS versions may have some limitations because of the poor memory management in this system type. Download and have fun! 
Files with suffix .zip are compressed with WinZip, files with suffix .tar.gz are packed with GNU tar and compressed with GNU zip (gzip). Note: tar/gzip archives can be unpacked with WinZip also! 
Windows 95/NT
tml2_2002-11-19.zip TML2 cross compiler tools
tml2_1998-06-17.zip Old TML2 cross compiler tools
zemu32_2003-08-27.zip  Z80180 software emulator
gzemu_2003-11-05.zip  Graphical UI Z80180 and VT100 software emulator
zemu.zip  Z80 software emulator
gnu.zip  GNU utilities, tar, gzip, make etc
linktalk.zip  VT100 emulator with file transfer etc
tml2.zip  TML2 cross compiler tools
zemu.zip  Z80 software emulator
Linux / i386
tml2_040107.tar.gz  TML2 cross compiler tools
zemu_040107.tar.gz  Z80180 software emulator
tml2.tar.gz  Old TML2 cross compiler tools (ver 1998)
zemu.tar.gz  Old Z80 software emulator (ver 1998)
Sun Solaris / SPARC
tml2.tar.gz  TML2 cross compiler tools
zemu.tar.gz  Z80 software emulator
OS-X / Z80 / Z180
boot_v14.tar.gz  Boot loader v1.4 with FLASH programming for Z180
osx_2003-08-29b.zip  OS-X 2.0 image and source files for Z80180 emulator zemu32 or gzemu. Run the full OS with access to host (PC) files. All files needed to compile and test your own OS-X applications. Image file included will also run on true Z8S180 20MHz "Black Box II" hardware.
zfs_030827.zip  Host file system API source code for Z80180 emulator
emu_tst2.tar.gz  OS-X 2.0 evaluation kit for Z80 emulator zemu

For more information, questions, feedback etc please contact me at: francis.gormarker@swipnet.se 

Last updated: January 11 2004