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Z80 software emulator - zemu

This emulator is written in C and compiled for PC-DOS. The source code also compiles on UNIX systems and has been tested on Sun Solaris 2.5 and Linux. The emulator will emulate a Z80 system with 128kB bank switched RAM, a RAM-disk, a Z80 CTC and a simple interrupt driven I/O device for a character terminal (the C library stdin/stdout). 

The emulator program should be started from the command shell (DOS prompt, windows DOS box, UNIX shell, xterm window or equivalent). The program takes one argument, the name of a binary file to be loaded into Z80 memory starting at address zero. The file must be a true memory image in the Z80 byte order.

Read the zemu users manual zemu_pa1.pdf in .pdf format.  

To start the emulator with the OS-X demo enter the following command line:
zemu osx.com disk.com

To exit the emulator hit CTRL-C.
To display interrupt latency statistics hit CTRL-R.
All executables in the disk.com file are also supplied (filed,sh,forth...). To re-build the disk file run makedisk.bat (DOS batch file) or run the supplied mkfs program with appropriate arguments. Source code is supplied for most programs in the disk.com file, to modify a program first compile all units (run the compiler "tml2" on each .tml file) then link the main unit (i.e forth.tml) by running "link" on the selected .o file. After linking say "forth.o" the file "forth.exe" is created, rename it to "forth" for easier execution under OS-X. Finally rebuild the disk.com file. Enjoy! 

Download the Z80 emulator package now! Download the OS-X demo file example.zip Download src.tgz tar/gzip archive with TML2 source code for OS-X API and demo programs. Note: WinZip 6.x will unpack this archive also. 

View some of the source files right here: forth.tml xsh.tml sys.tml sys_rpc.tml 

For more information, questions, feedback etc please contact me at: francis.gormarker@swipnet.se 

Last updated: February 22 2002